new blog. who dis?
I am trying this again
24 April 2021

Hello, welcome to my personal blog, version 2.0. I am migrating my thoughts from a personal website that I am leaving derelict. The frustration from using WordPress and my dissatisfaction with BlueHost had left me unmotivated to post with any type of regularity. It seemed there was a 1:1 ratio between time spent writing and backend configuration to publish it properly. It didn’t seem worth it. But now that I am using my GitHub pages site, I can write a post in a markdown file with little admin time while still having control over presentation. The ease and freedom has renewed my interest in blogging.

My goal is write a blog every week with a commitment to spend an hour a day writing. I find it helps improve my clarity of thinking and it will surely strengthen a skill that will never go out of fashion. I will write on anything that grabs my interest… including politcs. I view myself as a critical-thinker that does not accept trendy narratives on it’s face, so this may backfire 🤦‍♂️. I will try to be authentic for those who might actually enjoy it. Either way, if you like it or hate it feel free to get in touch. JM